CBD Dosing guidelines


Each dosing method may work differently for different people and dosing can be a highly individualized process.
We always recommended starting with a very low dose (one or two drops of an oral formula) just to make sure you don’t react poorly to any of the product’s ingredients and then wait 6 hours before trying a full dose. 


If you’re looking for immediate, short-term relief, then inhaled products such as prerolls or vaporizors are ideal. If you prefer not to smoke or want to maintain a steady level of CBD throughout the day then an oral product is best. 

Oral (swallowing):
Products: tinctures, oils, edibles, capsules
When CBD is ingested, it passes through the digestive tract, where it’s absorbed into the bloodstream and travels throughout your body.
This is the slowest route for CBD to reach its targets, but also the longest period of time that it’s active (up to 6 hours).

Sublingual route (under the tounge):
Products: sublingual tinctures or oils
This route gets CBD into your bloodstream faster than swallowing. However, most of the CBD will eventually be swallowed so you are still benefiting from the long period of activity.

Products: lotion, cream, oil
Topical CBD diffuses across your skin to reach your desired target (muscle or nerve). Very little, if any, enters the bloodstream unless the product is a transdermal patch. Time of activity varies depending on the target.


Different products will contain different levels of CBD. Refer to the "Suggested Use" or "Directions" on each product to see how much to take.
We recommend keeping a CBD journal. It is vital to know your own body and listen to what it is telling you. Start at a very low dose and work your way up. 
Do not worry about taking too much. Studies on the safety and side effects of CBD found that continuous use of CBD, even in high doses like 1,500 mg a day, is tolerated well by humans. You will not need that much to get relief however! Less is more is the standard protocol.

Although CBD is generally considered safe, some people may experience lower blood pressure. As with any natural medicine, CBD can also interfere with your body’s ability to process certain pharmaceutical drugs. Both CBD and grapefruits inhibit cytochrome p450, so if you are on a medication that comes with a warning not to consume with grapefruit, speak with your physician before consuming high doses of CBD. This interaction may be minimized by using topical or inhaled products. 

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